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ShrapKnel & Phiik & Lungs: Nobody Planning to Leave Tour w/ Miles Cooke

All Ages
Saturday, June 22
Doors: 7:30pm

Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8
All Ages
$15 / $18

Curly Castro and PremRock; a duo as dissimilar as they are made for each other. The two artists are a veritable study in contrasts and contradictions, Castro was born and raised in Brooklyn but lives in Philadelphia, PremRock grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania but has been in New York since ‘08. Castro’s militant wordplay, reggae-influences, and booming baritone somehow perfectly balance PremRock’s silver-tongued flows, literary allusions and deadpan humor. ShrapKnel is a Venn diagram of ill communications; Schooly D to Stromile Swift. Def Jux to Detlef Schremf. Students of Black Uhuru and Breeze Brewin, Baldwin and Bukowski. Steel sharpens steel and this blade is as sharp as it gets.

Instagram: @Shrapknel
Twitter: @curlycastro & @premrock
Phiik & Lungs are rappers and swordsman representing the Brooklyn hip hop collective Tase Grip. When their powers combine, they create Another Planet; A duo committed to exploring the farthest reaches of the art form and known universe. Creators of the Another Planet 1-4 tapes, and deliverers of halting rhymes and dizzying bars, both individuals are heavily influenced by what surrounds them. Navigating the maze, one mission at a time. They look to continue pushing the envelope with the forthcoming body of work Carrot Season, a full tape produced by Olasegun. 
IG: @phiiik_ & @big_dead_lung
TWITTER: @phiik_ & @big_dead_lung
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