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Another Micheal w/ Tenci, Nina Gala

All Ages
Saturday, May 25
Doors: 7:30pm
Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8:30
All Ages

Something very special happens in the moment a listener truly connects to a song–some intangible
reaction that bridges science and emotion, turning firing synapses into something beautiful. Another
Michael exists for that moment: when a song transforms the setting of a long walk home, or when it
speaks to a past experience while simultaneously making a new one, or when it taps into something
universal by relating details so specific and personal that they could only be revealed in music. On their
new dual LPs, Wishes To Fulfill and Pick Me Up, Turn Me Upside Down, the band set out to revel in their
love of song, to create and pay tribute to that transcendent musical moment across two contrasting but
complimentary albums–and their finest work yet.

Helmed by lead singer/songwriter Michael Doherty and producer/bassist Nick Sebastiano, along with
signature contributions of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Alenni Davis, drummer Noah Dardaris, and
longtime engineer/co-producer/confidante Scoops Dardaris, Wishes To Fulfill and Pick Me Up, Turn Me
Upside Down are Another Michael’s definitive statement on the value of a good song told through a
combined total of 21 very good songs. The albums took shape across three years of writing and recording
chunks at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, PA, as well as the same house in Ferndale, NY where the
band made their debut LP, 2020’s New Music and Big Pop (which drew critical acclaim from the likes of
Pitchfork, Stereogum, Billboard, Paste Magazine, and many more). The time proved so fruitful that it
wasn’t long before the musicians began to realize that they had quite a bit more than an album’s worth of
material on their hands. “Initially we set out to make songs to build one record,” explains Sebastiano.
“Which then turned into making songs to build a long record, then a double record, before finally deciding
on just making two separate albums.”

The result is a pair of releases that feel like siblings, undeniably different entities that still share key sonic
DNA, and each providing a plethora of dynamics, feelings, and moods to soundtrack the richness of life. “I
think Another Michael generally makes music that can be applicable to the listener’s agenda,” says
Sebastiano. “A person can have what really feels like a relationship with a song, and the songs that we
love are entities that we turn to in a wide range of situations.” Doherty adds, “I think good songs are just
ones you can find yourself bringing with you all your life no matter where it takes you.”

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