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Valley Queen w/ Joelton Mayfield

All Ages
Thursday, November 09
Doors: 7:30pm

Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8
All Ages

“I see a lot of the writing I do as sourced from a wound, or sourced from love and abundance. Both are valuable. Our full-length debut Supergiant was written from a lot of wounding, but Chord of Sympathy plays more like a love letter out to the world. Writing this one, I had more access to my inner love, which I wanted to share as a source of comfort for people who listen to our music. Supergiant’s yin has been answered by Chord of Sympathy’s yang.” 


Natalie Carol, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter for Valley Queen


Chord of Sympathy,the sophomore album from Los Angeles band Valley Queen, is a dynamically layered sonic universe of intense range. Here, Carol’s inimitable vocals are as fearlessly fluid as ever—ethereal to thunderous in a note—and fully consuming. Whereas 2018’s Supergiant channeled pains of the past, Chord of Sympathy is borne of the endless present Carol experienced in her bedroom during lockdown, where time collapsed and the future needed to be created. 


The album marks a definitive transformation in Valley Queen’s approach to writing, arranging, and producing. Making art through a global pandemic, and in the wake of an original band member’s departure, the group rerouted their roles. Instead of sticking to their individual instruments, the trio of Carol, Mike Deluccia, and Neil Wogensen moved around, trying on different hats, sharing them, and reinvigorating the Valley Queen sound in a style newly and truly collaborative.

Born and raised in Marble Falls, TX and based in Nashville, TN since 2017, singer-songwriter Joelton Mayfield writes honest, earnest songs about love, loss, vulnerability, and the confusion that comes with exploring a broad spectrum of emotions. Mayfield’s debut EP, I Hope You Make It, was released in 2019 and has garnered airplay on Nashville’s Lighting 100, as well as The Creek FM (Macon, GA), WDSW (Delta State University), KBEY (Marble Falls, TX), KSUA (University of Alaska Fairbanks), WXRY (Columbia, SC), WGSU (SUNY Geneseo), WUVT (Virginia Tech), WSRN (Swarthmore College), WXJM (James Madison University) and more. Live, televised performances include DittyTV (Tennessee), and WKRC (Cincinnati).

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