Pie Shop Presents

Madeline Kenney w/ Poppy Patica

All Ages
Friday, September 22
Doors: 7:30pm

Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8
All Ages
$16 / $18

In the quiet surrounding the pandemic, Madeline Kenney made sonic sketches in the basement studio she shared with her then-partner. She arranged phrases that called her—the sharp knife of a synth cutting a path along a blooming arpeggio, drums stuttering firm and tight. Working this way, she amassed a collection of songs she had no particular aims for. Some formed her 2021EPSummer Quarter, and others languished. But in 2022, Kenney’s partner left suddenly and without warning, plunging her into the solitary act of untangling what happened. In the wake of her ensuing depression, she revisited these songs and found in them something prescient. She’d already laid the foundation for New Reality Mind.

That her relationship’s end came without warning is only halftrue, though. The warnings were inthe feelings and fears that inspired Kenney’s critically-acclaimed third album,Sucker’s Lunch(2020), which was co-produced by Jenn Wasner (Flock of Dimes) and centered around the ideaof flinging oneself freely into the seemingly-assured destruction of new love, come what may.

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