Pie Shop Presents

Grimm Winter w/ Modest Goddess, Mieke

All Ages
Sunday, June 30
Doors: 7:30pm
Doors at 7:00 | Show at 8:30
All Ages
$15 / $18
 Founded in DC, Grimm Winter is a symphonic blend of indie, alt-rock, and folk music. With a strong emphasis on storytelling & modern day mythologies, evocative metaphor & melodies, the 5 piece band weaves together stories and songs that blur the line between literal and fantastical.

Modest Goddess is a genre-bending rock band that emerged onto the D.C. music scene in 2023 with an unquenchable zeal for peace, love, and rock & roll. Their sound blends elements of folk, funk, and psychedelic rock to yield songs that are emotionally resonant and eminently groove-able. The band’s colorful instrumentation serves as the perfect canvas for its lyrical storytelling, which is equal parts incisive, humorous, and sincere in an effort to shed light and dignity on the human experience. This singer-songwriter ethos sets the band apart from its genre contemporaries and leaves listeners with food for thought long after their ears stop ringing. The band currently plays in and around the DMV, infusing their belief in the cathartic, life-affirming power of music into every performance.

Birthed from the womb of New York City, Mieke’s music has developed over the years from sweet sad piano songs to straightforward indie rock tunes with a pinch of biting, a dash of yelling, and a lot of kicking. Mieke is currently based out of DC. Her likes include thrift shopping, poppin’ tags, and finding $20 in her pocket. Her dislikes include $50 for a t-shirt, getting swindled and pimped, and getting tricked by a business.
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