Our Brains Hurt Podcast Presents

Diesel Boy w/ American Television, Over Our Eyes, 40 Reps

All Ages
Saturday, July 06
Doors: 7:30pm

Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8
All Ages

A lot has changed since Diesel Boy last made a record. Three presidents have been
sworn in, its members made five kids, the record business collapsed, oh and there was
that pesky pandemic. But after twenty years away, the beloved punk rock quartet is
back with a new record, their first shows in decades, and a fresh outlook on playing
Diesel Boy formed in 1993 in California’s wine country, where several members went to
school. By 1996, they had generated enough of a buzz locally to become the first band
signed to Fat Wreck Chords’ imprint Honest Don’s, releasing four albums for the label
and logging tens of thousands of miles in their Ford Econoline van alongside a who’s
who of the era’s notable punk acts.

Burned out after heavy touring, the band decided to catch their collective breath and
returned to civilian life in the early 2000s, trading punk clubs and van life for marriages
and mortgages. Life remained busy, but with a different set of responsibilities.
Fast forward two decades, and Diesel Boy’s members have settled comfortably into
middle age. But over the pandemic, the band realized how much they missed playing
together. Not wanting to just be a legacy act, the band decided to focus on making a
new record as the vehicle for their return. Now based in Seattle, returning members
Diesel Dave (vocals and guitar) and Greg Hensley (bass) are joined by Jack Miller
(guitar) and Christopher Thomas (drums), two rad dudes whose musical chops add new
layers to the band’s skate punk sound.

The quartet holed up in Christopher’s basement and began assembling the dozen
songs that make up their fifth album, “Gets Old,” their first since 2001. Though the
band’s lineup has changed, the songs are classic Diesel Boy. “Gets Old” manages a
delicate high wire act, balancing the snarky and the sincere, the melodic and the
muscular. The album is a whole lot of fun, showcasing a musical evolution that
simultaneously picks up right where Diesel Boy left off. To celebrate, the band is hitting
the road whenever they can, bringing their punk rock party, receding hairlines, and
crow’s feet to a town near you soon.

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