Pie Shop Presents

Dev Gajan & Alchemy w/ WLLY, Psychoknots (RASSCAL) & Special Guest set: Khi Lo + Lexa Noelle

All Ages
Thursday, October 26
Doors: 7:30pm

Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8
All Ages
$15/ $20

Devin Gajan Williams, better known by his stage alias Dev Gajan, is an American multi-genre Singer, Writer, Engineer and Rapper from Fairfax County, Virginia. Known for his unique take on Genre-Blending, Devin is known for making music evoking both Nostalgia and Avant-garde elements at the same time

From his pop punk & metal angst to his pluggnb, hyperpop & rage modernity Dev is sure to have vibes for any fan for any occasion. With collaborations with artists such as Lil Tracy , Summrs , Caspr , Mackned , Zelly Ocho , familypet , Lil Raven , K Suave , Lil Candy Paint & more, Dev boasts his diversity and consistency.

Dev also is founder or Alchemy, a collective comprising of artists and producers such as Yung’cid , Zay Williams , Boy Floss , Danidoki , Geo Sunsetmoth & 0CE4N all of whom have their own unique styles of music. They often collaborate together. Alchemists is a playlist comprising of their music in one place.

WLLY is an independent and underground artist based out of Washington, DC. WLLY connects with his fans and audience through his reflective lyrics and versatile style of music, blending various genres such as hip hop, alternative rock, and pop.


Through a steady release of music videos and singles, WLLY is starting to make a name for himself in the Emo Rap genre.


Up and coming 18 year old, hip-hop artist, RASSCAL, made his debut into the music industry in September 2021, releasing his first single, Hardest Thing, recorded and engineered by TheFridgeDMV. Since then, RASSCAL has gained serious traction and made a name for himself as an extremely anticipated and promising artist. His versatility differentiates him from other artists in his lane, as he has the ability to create mainstream quality music in a variety of genres such as hip-hop, hyper pop, and even punk rock. He utilizes his creativity to formulate a combination of catchy cadences, relatable lyrics, and his unique vocals in order to create the sound that his audience loves.

Motivated by the success of some of his favorite artists such as OhGeesy, Lil Skies, and Playboi Carti, RASSCAL is determined to one day surpass his idols. Within such a short period of time, RASSCAL has already had glimpses of stardom, as he has sold out every venue in which he performed, and opened for artists such as BigBabyGucci, Austin Skinner, Tophillfredo, Mikey Polo, Dev Gajan, and more.


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